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Why you should know about fish spawning aggregations

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 Protecting fish aggregations: Protecting our future


 Back to Basics Training Module

Back to Basics front photo

A 60 page training manual on understanding the biology and ecology of food fish species of special interest, or that may be particularly vulnerable to verfishing.

Produced as a joint Christensen Fund/SCRFA publication

Methods Manual

A 98 page comprehensive methods manual on approaches to monitoring and studying aggregations.



A 20 page booklet that provides practical advice to managers and conservationists about fish spawning aggregations.
It contains basic information on spawning aggregations and includes topics such as how to identify spawning aggregations, what species aggregate and the need for management and conservation.

English or Spanish version

PowerPoint Presentation (2009)

This presentation was produced in 2009 as a teaching and orientation tool to reach a wide audience. It has information and photos of spawning aggregations generally hard to find and much in demand.



A 5 page pamplet on fish spawning aggregations is avilable in 6 languages:

English, Chinese, Spanish, Fijian, Pidgin and Bislama Pidgin (Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea)


A set of three panel posters are available to encourage the conservation and management of reef fish spawning aggregations.

Panel 1 (English);  (Tagalog); (Spanish)

Panel 2 (English)

Panel 3 (English)

Also an A3 poster of a simple cartoon discription of fish spawning aggregations for the Western Pacific region is available.



This 2 sided flier is a short brief handout that gives concise information about fish spawning aggregations

Snapper Spawn - A short film by SCRFA (Vimeo)


A 3.5 minute film filmed in the turquoise waters of Palau.
Directed by Dr Brad Erisman from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Alfredo Barroso a world class videographer from Mexico.
The mysterious and fragile phenomenon of Two-Spot Red Snapper aggregating to spawn in their thousands - it's a brief insight into their fascinating world.

Spawning for Survival - short film (You Tube)


Documentary: "Spawning for Survival"
A 2.5-minute documentary film about the importance of spawning aggregations and the need to manage them.

View at:

Seeds of the Future: Fijian Spawning Aggregation (Vimeo)

Documentary: "Seeds of the Future: Fijian Spawning Aggregations"
A 18-minute documentary film examines the reasons behind increased fishing pressure on reef fishes, including spawning aggregations, and explores the problems and possible solutions. Important issues covered in the film are the growth of the cash economy and the need for a strong community component to management, supported by government.


Educational Materials for Palau (Jointly produced with Palau Conservation Society)

Bumper Sticker Car bumper sticker
grouper life_cycle

Explanatory diagram

Fact Sheet: Fish Spawning Aggregations

Fact sheet
Page 1 (English), Page 2 (Palauan)

Poster: Why do FSA need protection? (English)


English, Palauan